Please when you answer these questions write your name in front of it?Thank-you

Whats your favorite color?

Carter:Neon Green
Adriana- Neon green
Anna-blue, black, white
Celine-blue, black, green
Aaliyah- red or Turquoise

Nicolas- Green

Whats your favorite song?

Carter:All Taylor Swift songs!
Adriana- cooler than me
Toms Diner-IDK
Aaliyah- Don't have one
Celine-got more than 1

Nicolas- IDK

If you had to pick one place to live where would it be other than were your living at now?

Carter:wow really no other place
Adriana- Pennsylvania
Anna-Myrtle beach
Aaliyah- Orlando, Florida
Celine-The Barn

Nicolas- IDK

What do you Enjoy eating?

Adriana- Crab legs and pomegranate
Aaliyah- Mangoes or Kiwi
Celine-Fruit and lobster

Nicolas- Apples

Whats your favorite sport or do you have one?

Adriana- Volleyball and lacrosse
Anna-track and field
Aaliyah- Soccer
Celine-Track and Field and Horseback Riding

Nicolas- Soccer

Do you like school?

Adriana- yep
Aaliyah- Sometime depending on the subjects
Celine-Yes 4 friends, No 4 everything else

Whats one thing you could change about the world?

Carter:The ecomony
Adriana- Gas prices
Anna-I really don't know
Aaliyah- Global Warming
Celine-Several things

How old are you?